The Town Council elects Members to the offices of Chair and Vice-Chair at the Annual Town Council meeting held in May.

The Chair is delighted to receive invitations from local organisations to attend functions and fundraising events.  The Chair also represents Burntwood at functions outside the town.  If you would like to invite the Chair to your function, please contact her through Carole Payne, Administrator at:

The Old Mining College Centre, Queen Street, Chasetown, Burntwood, WS7 4QH

Tel: 01543 677166



CHAIR'S BLOG - 2023-24

Councillor Di Evans  was elected as Chair of Burntwood Town at its Annual Meeting on Wednesday 24 May 2023

Councillor Kathy Coe was elected as Vice Chair at the same meeting

Here is Cllr Rob Birch handing over the Chains of office to the new Chair, Cllr Di Evans

First of all I have to make a very unusual announcement that unfortunately for the Town Council and the electorate the Member for Hunslet Ward, Mrs Mears has decided she is not able to fulfil her commitment to this Town Counc

Thank you for putting your faith in me to be Chair of Burntwood Town Council for one more year.  I am proud, as I am sure you all are, to live in Burntwood and enjoy and participate in all it has to offer.

 First of all I would like to thank Rob Birch for his year as Chair.  He has done a superb job to highlight the profile of Burntwood and has left this Town Council in a strong positin 

I would also like to thank him for the support he gave me as Vice-Chair during previous years and on behalf of the Town Council I want to wish him well for his future.  He so deserves it, but we will miss his wisdom and ability.

My charity for this year is going to be Burntwood Be A Friend.  As you know it is a local charity which does a tremendous amount of good for so many here and they are desperately in need of funds, so I hope you will all support me in raising as much as possible for them this year

During the last four years Burntwood Town Council has gone from strength to strength and the whole Town Council and the Officers have worked hard together to ensure that we are doing our best for the community of Burntwood.  I hope this spirit of working together in mutual understanding continues, although we may not always agree, but that is healthy.  We have much to accomplish still, but I’m sure if we co-operate together, we will be successful.  We have ambitious plans for the benefit of all Burntwood residents, as we continue to be an open, honest, and transparent Town Council and we welcome support from the community to help us achieve our aims.

Lots done, lots to do, so let’s get on with it.




CHAIR'S BLOG - 2022-23

Councillor Rob Birch was elected as Chair of Burntwood Town at its Annual Meeting on Wednesday 11 May 2022

Councillor Di Evans was elected as Vice Chair at the same meeting

Pictured below Cllr Rob Birch signing Declartion of Acceptance of Office along with Cllr Diane Evans



SATURDAY 25 FEBRUARY - Charity Quiz Night - My chosen charity is' PAPYRUS prevention of young suicide'


SUNDAY 23 APRIL 2023 - Attended St George's Day Service & Parade - Lichfield District Scouts.  We meet at the Cathedral for a service followed by the Parade from the Cathedral to The Guildhall.  A very enjoyable day.

FRIDAY 24 MARCH 2023 - Attended the Group Fayre at Chasetown Methodist Church held by u3a.  

THURSDAY 9 FEBRUARY 2023 - Burntwood be a Friend launch event held at Hammerwich Cricket Club




Chair’s Christmas Message

At Christmas most of us are able to take some time for friends and family as we celebrate the festive season with those, we hold dear. We exchange gifts and take time to reflect on the year that has gone as well as what lies ahead for 2023.

For many however, it is seeing others enjoying Christmas that can highlight their own challenges, especially financial difficulties, and loneliness. This year there will be more people enduring financial hardship than we have seen in decades. Some will be worried about heating their homes, buying Christmas presents or even finding the funds for the essentials let alone a Turkey or a Christmas Pudding. Please spare a thought for those who may be struggling with finances, those who are alone and maybe see if there is any way you can help.

It is at Christmas that the value of goodwill and charity comes to the fore. I am writing this on a day when it has been my turn to do the collections from Morrisons in Burntwood for the foodbank donations. So many items of food and toiletries have been donated in just a few days that I needed two trips in my car to collect it all. It is this sort of generosity that we should celebrate as not only does it benefit those in need, but it also benefits the person of means who is generous enough to make the donation. They do so with no knowledge of who the recipient will be, just that it will benefit someone by relieving hunger, averting a crisis and hopefully restoring faith in the concept of community and the human spirit. There are many other ways we can help those in need at Christmas. It could be that just checking on an elderly neighbour or inviting someone who is on their own into your home for a warm drink and a chat is all that is needed to brighten someone’s day.

We have had several fantastic events already around the town as the Christmas Lights have been turned on at Boney Hay, Morley Road, Chasetown, Sankey’s Corner and Burntwood Island. All of these were supported by the Rotary Club who assisted Santa as he met the children of our town. I would like to join Santa in thanking them for their ongoing support at these events as well as over the next few weeks in the run up to the big day. Many businesses, churches and volunteer groups have also made contributions to the events when they took place and without their support and the community coming together, they would not have been possible. There should also be a Christmas Tree on display at Princes Park which will be organised by the Friends of Princes Park who provide various displays there such as the recent Remembrance Day poppies that adorned the park.

Most of all this year I want to thank the people of Burntwood who have made it the place it is. Burntwood is a lovely place to live where people will always come together to help and support each other in their time of need. You do not have to look far to see that we have a wonderful array of voluntary groups supporting people from many different backgrounds and with very diverse needs. To list a few we have SPARK, Burntwood be a Friend, Chasewater Friends, Fun Club, MHA Live at Home, Friends of Burntwood Library and so many others that all work together. My heartfelt thanks goes to them all on behalf of the people of Burntwood as the year comes to a close. I hope they will continue to prosper and grow in the years to come.

Finally, I would like to wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.


SATURDAY 26 NOVEMBER 2022 - Cristmas event at Sankey corner and christmas tree light switch on


MONDAY 21 NOVEMBER - Bells Lane Christmas lights switch on many braved the wet weather to enjoy a nice mince pie.


MONDAY 17 OCTOBER 2022 - Presenting a gift voucher and certificate to St Joseph & St Theresa Catholic Primary School winners of the Sunflower Competition.


News release: 09 September 2022

Queen Elizabeth II

It was with immense sadness that we heard of the death of our late Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday 8th September. As Chair of Burntwood Town Council I would like to add a few words to the many that will be said in tribute to such a remarkable woman.

Queen Elizabeth served our nations and the Commonwealth for over 7 decades and most of us will never have known another head of state. During our lives she has been the mainstay and backbone of our country, not just as a symbolic leader but as a person with human qualities we could aspire to and admire.

The love for Queen Elizabeth was never more evident than we saw during the recent Commonwealth Games which brought the Queens Baton Relay through our town. People came in numbers to witness the spectacle. The games only happened because Her Majesty had been able to lead and maintain the love and friendship of the people of the Commonwealth Nations throughout her reign. The Commonwealth Games brought all those nations together in reflection of that spirit and Burntwood was fortunate to play its small part.

It is the end of the second Elizabethan Era, and our country will now feel an intense collective sense of loss as we mourn her passing. As Chair of Burntwood Town Council, I share in your loss as we begin 10 days of mourning. This will be a time for us all to reflect on the achievements of Her Majesty, to remember the wisdom and comfort she offered in times of crisis and to honour the stability and sustenance of spirit that she has given us.

The loss is not just our own but will be felt across the world such was her influence. Most keenly it will be felt by her family and the King. To them especially I offer my heartfelt condolences for the loss of a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and friend. She truly was a friend to us all.

May she rest in peace.

God save the King.

Councillor Robert Birch,

Chair of Burntwood Town Council.


FRIDAY 09 SEPTEBER 2022 - Councillor Rob Birch, Chair of Burntwood Town Council opens Burntwood's Book of Condolence for Her Majesty and residents are invited to write a message at Burntwood Leisure Centre



SATURDAY 25 JUNE 2022 - I had the great honour on Saturday 25th June of raising the Armed Forces Day flag outside Burntwood Library to signify our thanks and gratitude to the Armed Forces from the people of Burntwood.

Armed Forces Day takes place each year on the last Saturday of June and is an opportunity for the community to show our thanks and appreciation to the men and women who serve our country. We also need to include in our thanks their families who support them, the veterans, and cadets as well as the reservist forces. All of them deserve our recognition for the role they play.

The invasion of Ukraine by hostile Russian forces has reminded us of just how vital our Armed Forces are in protecting our sovereignty and freedom as a nation. It is thanks to our Armed Services that we can live our lives without fear of aggression and oppression from foreign hostile nations. We all feel safer because we know there are trained and dedicated service personnel who are always there to protect us.

Whilst Saturday is the focus of attention, if anyone missed the day then there is always a change to give thanks whenever we see someone who serves our country by just telling them how much we value all they do.


WEDNESDAY 8 JUNE 2022 - I had the pleasure of unvaiing and cutting the ribbon of the Sensory Garden at the Old Mining College.



SUNDAY 5 JUNE 2022 - Attended Eucharist on the Feast of Pentecost by Cllr diane Evans at Lichfield Cathedral.


SATURDAY 4 JUNE 2022 - Burntwood Jubilee Wakes was held at Burtnwood Leisure Centre with loads of fun events, various stalls and live entertainment.






CHAIR'S BLOG - 2021/22

Councillor Di Evans was re-elected Chair of the Town Council on Tuesday 25 May 2021

Councillor Rob Birch was also re-elected Vice-Chair of the Town Council at the same meeting.



SATURDAY 12 MARCH 2022Burntwood Town Council hosted a gathering at Chasetown Memorial Park to show their support for the people of Ukraine.


MONDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2022 - I was delighted to be asked to open the new library at Fulfen school and to see the amazing and exciting books that are available for the students to read. Reading is such an enjoyable and important opportunity to trigger the imagination and can be so relaxing, particularly during this modern age of technology.

It was also great to talk and be questioned by members of the school council who asked some very pertinent questions about the role of Burntwood Town Council. They were very perceptive and confident and it was a joy to be in their presence.

The whole experience showed me once again how wonderful our young generation are and what a great contribution they can make to Burntwood both now and in the future.



WEDNESDAY 23 FEBRUARY 2022 - Dementia Friendly Burntwood – Through My Eyes.

Burntwood Town Council has today launched an exhibition on living with dementia in the town, "Through Our Eyes". Following a consultation with people with dementia and their carers, facilitated by MHA Communities in Burntwood, a display will be hosted at Burntwood Library for the next six weeks and the Town Council are inviting all local residents, businesses and organisations to come and experience it.

Cllr Di Evans, Chairman of Burntwood Town Council who launched the exhibition, said:

"This is the culmination of several months' work with our wonderful MHA Communities based at the Old Mining College and Ideas Alliance, experts in such consultations and the presentation of the results through photography. We hope that the exhibition will raise awareness of the impacts of dementia and challenge us all to become more understanding of those suffering from dementia and ensure they feel supported and included in our town. 

It has been a longstanding ambition of the Town Council to become recognised as a Dementia Friendly Town and I am grateful to all the groups and individuals who have been helping to raise awareness of dementia. The pandemic and its aftermath meant we had to deal with other priorities first but we are now on track again and are intending to take the exhibition around the town to engage as any of our residents as possible."

Following today's launch, the Council will be setting out several events in the coming weeks and months, leading up to Dementia Awareness Week from 16 May





THURSDAY 7 FEBRUARY 2022 - Opening of the Chase Terrace Academy Safe Space “This is the week of Children’s Mental Health and today I was invited to Chase Terrace Academy to open their Safe Space initiative for students who are suffering with mental health issues. It is a scheme which I was privileged to discuss with a specially trained group of students from years 8 to 13 who have been selected to support their peers on this important issue.
The room, that has been set up via funding from Tesco and Groundforce, is a sensory relaxing, restful and peaceful space that will enable students to discuss with their peers if they are stressed and finding it difficult to cope with their life. As the words suggest it will provide a safe space for students who need support.
The students themselves are amazing and I am confident they will all give excellent help to their peers. The staff who have been involved in setting up this vital service have also done a great job in selecting, training and organising the students and setting up the room.
I am proud that Burntwood and in particular Chase Terrace Academy has young people who are so committed to giving up their time to helping others. Well done and congratulations to you all.”



SATURDAY 8 JANUARY 2022 - A number of Councillors and staff enjoyed a superb evening at Burntwood Institute to celebrate their 100th Anniversary.  It was a well organised event and the entertainment and food was excellent.



SATURDAY 8 JANUARY 2022 - Opening of the new Wellbeing & Wellness Coach Yoga Studio, Sankeys Corner, Burntwood.




Chair’s Christmas Message - 2021

As this year is rapidly drawing to a close, with Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, now is the time to reflect on the past year in the hope that 2022 will be much more settled and safer for all of us.

However, what time has shown us yet again, is what an amazing and supportive community we have in Burntwood. Frequently people of all ages have rallied round to help and support each other, both as individuals or in groups. I have witnessed many acts of human kindness and I have been humbled and grateful to be made aware of the strength and compassion of numerous Burntwood people.

Many of you will be enjoying time with family and friends over the ensuing weeks, unlike last year at this time, but as you enjoy yourselves please spare a thought for others who are less fortunate and may be spending a lonely time on their own. A few minutes of your time to pass a friendly word or two can mean so much to some and much better than a present. It allows them time to realise that they are not forgotten.

This year has also put a lot of pressure on NHS staff and care workers, who have faced many struggles of their own coping with increased demands, so on behalf of us all I would like to thank them. We also need to remember that their work does not stop over the festive period as many of them will still be committed to their caring duties.

Throughout this year the community spirit has continued to be exhibited through organisations who have served the community admirably and unstintingly. Groups such as Burntwood Be A Friend, Spark, MHA, Burntwood Rotary Club, Foodbanks and the new Community Store etc, have all worked to ensure there is help and support for all those who require it, together with numerous businesses and retail outlets across Burntwood.

There have also been some amazing achievements over the year. Spark and the Fun Club have both won the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, which is equivalent to the MBE. Other successes have included awards for individuals and groups across Burntwood via Lichfield Live, so our congratulations go to all of them.

Our litter picking groups have worked extremely hard to make sure our town has been tidier and cleaner throughout the year and I am grateful for their efforts. There are so many individuals, far too numerous to mention, who have worked tirelessly and silently during the past year to make sure our aim of a Better Burntwood is continuing to develop, there is a lot more to do, but with help we will achieve and continue to make improvements, including working towards a Dementia Friendly Town, which is so important to us.

I am proud to live in this town and to witness the community spirit that exists here, but we must continue to be vigilant and keep ourselves and others safe and in good health, by obeying the rules that still exist and by getting vaccinated.

In the meantime, on behalf of all Councillors and staff at Burntwood Town Council I hope you all enjoy a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and New Year.




TUESDAY 23 NOVEMBER 2021 - Christmas Event at Bells Lane & Christmas lights switch on.


SUNDAY 07 NOVEMBER 2021 - Spark-Burntwood held celebrations on recieveing the Queen's Award for Voluntary Services.  The presentaion and celebrations were held at  Burntwood Memorial Hall.


THURSDAY 16 SEPTMBER 2021 - COGGS (Cherry Orchard Gardening Services) celebrateting their 10th anniversary move to Burntwood with Strawberries & Cream at Burntwood Memorial Hall.  A very enjoyable afternoon.





Chair’s Christmas Message - 2020

As we approach Christmas this year, it is going to be a very different occasion than we are used to, but I hope everybody in Burntwood will have a safe and enjoyable time. This has been a year unlike any other we have ever seen, but that does not mean that we cannot experience the joy that this time of year can bring.
However, it is particularly important that we look out for others and during the past months I have been amazed and humbled by the community spirit that has existed in our great town. People have pulled together to help and support each other and during the festive period it is equally important that we continue to do this, by making sure we protect others and ourselves by abiding to the rules of socially distancing, wearing a mask, washing hands when necessary, as well as following the extra instructions we have now been given.
If there are residents you know who are likely to be lonely or on their own over the Christmas period, Burntwood Be A Friend is an organisation set up to help and they can be contacted on 01543 524224 or Finally, on behalf of all the councillors and staff at Burntwood Town Council, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year will bring us a more positive, peaceful and safe 2021.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Burntwood for the excellent way most of them have conducted themselves during this awful pandemic.
I am sure that by sticking to the rules it has enabled us to go about our business, not necessarily in the way we were used to, but in the safest way possible and despite the constraints, we have witnessed superb community spirit where many have been giving up their time to support all those in need, through Burntwood Be A Friend and other organisations and I want to take this opportunity to thank them and all NHS and care workers most sincerely, on behalf of the Town Council for all they have done.
However, there is still a great need to remain vigilant to ensure we do not get a spike here, so as hard as it is, we must continue to wear a mask when necessary, wash hands frequently and do all that has been asked of us in the proper manner, in order to keep safe and protect ourselves and others.
The care and kindness we have witnessed shows what a great community we have in Burntwood and long may it continue as we work towards a Better Burntwood.

SATURDAY 27 JUNE 2020 - Armed Forces Day remembrance was held at Burntwood Library.  Although these are still challenging times it is still our duty and privelege to mark the contributions made over the years by our service men and women.  quite simply, we wouldn't enjoy the freedoms we have today without their bravery and commitment.  Even with Covid 19 restrictions ongoing, we want to show our appriceiation to each and every one of them.



SATURDAY 15 AUGUST 2020 - August 15th is the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day. Victory in Japan in 1945 is often not given the recognition it deserves, so as Chairman I will be outside the library at Sankeys Corner at 10am, to raise the flag in recognition of all those brave people who helped us to enjoy the freedom we have today.




Previous Chairmans Blogs


CHAIR'S BLOG - 2019/20

Councillor Di Evans was elected Chair of the Town Council on Wednesday 15 May 2019

Councillor Rob Birch was also elected Vice-Chair of the Town Council at the same meeting

During the awful time we are experiencing now, I want to pay tribute to the majority of Burntwood residents who are showing an amazing community spirit and adhering to what has been requested of us and staying safe, remaining at home and when out observing social distancing.
We have amongst us, so many residents to thank for what they are doing to enable us to continue to function as best as we can. These include all NHS workers and carers, in hospitals, care homes and in the community, those working in retail and all public servants in our schools and council workers who are keeping our bins emptied and our streets clean. I also think it is essential to thank all the volunteers who are brilliantly supporting all those in need at this time, such as those involved in Burntwood Be A Friend, whilst not forgetting all the individuals who are supporting their friends and neighbours.
To all of you can I say thank you on behalf of Burntwood Town Council, please stay safe and be kind to each other, so that we can come out at the end fit, healthy and more appreciative of each other.


FRIDAY 24 MAY - Cutting the ribbon at the newly refurbished 'Crown' Public House, High Street, Chasetown, the new decor is really welcoming, I wish them well for the future.  It is important for local business to thrive in Burntwood.


THURSDAY 13 JUNE 2019 - Day 2 of CAB anniversary celebrations.   Here I am cutting the cake made by a Trustee to mark the start 50th & 80th celebrations.  A very enjoyable afternoon had by everyone.

Chasewater fatality

This is a terrible tragedy and Burntwood Town Council expresses sincere condolences to the family and friends of Carl, who died heroically trying to save the life of a young girl.

It highlights the absolute danger of entering water at Chasewater.. So I implore people not to do it.

WEDNESDAY 21 AUGUST 2019 - Another successful 'Play in the Parks Event'.  Pictured here at Redwood Park, Cllr Rob Birch, Myself and Heather Tranter, a great day had by all.

THURSDAY 22 AUGUST 2019 - Attended Lichfield Police Community Event at Chasewater.


THURSDAY 5 SEPTEMBER 2019 - Bishops House, Lichfield, to celebrate the contribution of Places of Welcome to the life of Lichfield, 16 different venues accross the District.


FRIDAY 18 OCTOBER 2019 - Burntwood Breast Care 10th Anniversary Celebrations.  Special thanks to Pauline Walker of Burntwood Breast Care stepping down from lead role on the group's 10th anniversay.  They have helped many, many people in our town suffering from breast cancer and its impacts.  As the group goes forward, best wishes to those taking up the reins. what a lovely evening and enjoyed by everyone.  Pictured here with Pauline Walker.

TUESDAY 29 OCTOBER 2019 - Cases AGM/50th Anniversary held at Guildhall in Lichfield

SUNDAY 10 NOVEMBER 2019 - Remembrance Day Parade, I was delighted to be asked to lay the poppy wreath at the Cenotaph at St John's Church, Chase Terrace.

SATURDAY 16 NOVEMBER 2019 - What a wonderful evening we had at the Lichfield Festival of Music, I was accompanied by our Vice Chairman, Rob Birch and his partner Naomi.

SUNDAY 24 NOVEMBER 2019 - Switching on of the Rotary Club's Christmas tree lights at Swan Island

SATURDAY 30 NOVEMBER 2019 - Sankey's corner christmas event, I was delighted to switch on the Christmas lights.

WEDNESDAY 11 DECEMBER 2019 - Burntwood Live at Home held their annual Christmas Carol service at Chasetown Methodist Church, a very enjoyable afternoon.

SATURDAY 14 DECEMBER 2019 - Burntwood Singer concert night which was held at Burntwood Institute, so sorry to hear the choir will be disbanding in 2020.


Christmas and the New Year should be a time of shared joy and happiness, but it can also be a time of loneliness and despair for others. Please remember at this time of year that we need to be aware of those less fortunate than ourselves and remember that giving of our time for others can be equally as important as giving cards and presents. If you know of any vulnerable, elderly, disabled or indeed anybody who may be on their own over the festive season, please make an effort to support them in any way you feel you can. It may be just a friendly word of support but whatever you do, I am sure you will feel so much better yourself knowing you have thought of others.

Since last May Burntwood Town Council have made some radical changes because we want to become a Better Burntwood through a positive framework of being an effective community voice, an outward looking Council that focusses on our town and is ambitious for our town. We are also seeking to be an enabling and consensual Council that recognises different opinions, so that we develop a positive tone and culture. To achieve all this, we need the residents of Burntwood to reflect a shared spirit of community involvement and a valuing of all of us who live here.
Burntwood Town Council is aiming to become a Dementia Friendly Town as we know that there are many residents who are unfortunately inflicted with this awful problem. For my charity this year I am hoping to raise money to support dementia and the carers who do a tremendous job looking after them. I am arranging a number of events aiming to awaken the memories of dementia patients. I hope some of you will support my efforts so that we can show we are a helpful, caring Burntwood, which looks after the needs of all the residents.

There is much to do, but with community co-operation we can aim to achieve a Better Burntwood we are proud to live in and one that works hard for each other.

Finally my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year goes out to all.


FRIDAY 13 DECEMBER 2019 - Attended  We Love Lichfield which was held at the George Hotel in Lichfield, here is a group photograph.



TUESDAY 17 DECEMBER 2019 - Burntwood and Cannock CFR held the official launch of their new Rapid Response Vehicle  which was held at Skoda Auto Sales, Attwood Drive, Burntwood. What a fantastic job they do for the community and beyond.  A very nice evening had by everyone.

SATURDAY 29 FEBRUARY 2020 - Charity Film Night held at St Anne's Church, Church Street, Burntwood who supplied us with a wonderful array of cakes.   I would like to thank everyone who attended and for their generous donations, a grand total of £224.20 was raised on the night for my chosen charity, which is 'Dementia'.   A very enjoyable evening had by all.






Councillor Pamela Stokes was re-elected Chairman of the Town Council on Thursday 17 May 2018

Councillor Richard Bamborough was also re-elected Vice-Chairman of the Town Council at the same meeting



FRIDAY 25 MAY 2018 - I attended the official opening of the New Dawn Nursing Home in Chasetown.  After a very warm welcome, I cut the ribbon and unvailed the plaque.  Keith and I had a guided tour and were so impressed by the refurbished building.

I am honoured to have my name on the plaque to commemorate the opening.



SUNDAY 3 JUNE 2018 - Attended the Big Lunch at Fun Club, Cherry Close Community Centre.  A very hot day, with fantastic attendance.

WEDNESDAY 20 JUNE 2018 -  Burntwood Library, Burntwood Breast Care, Ladies Day Racing afternoon.  All dressed up!


FRIDAY 8 JUNE 2018 - Keith & myself attended 'We Love Lichfield Annual Summer Giveaway' at the George Hotel in Lichfield.  It was lovely to hear of so many deserving groups getting funding for their projects.


FRIDAY 22 JUNE 2018 - I attended the show up on by Fulfen Primary School's 40th Birthday.  A fabulous afternoon's entertainment. the cutting of the cake and seeing the mural that the children had made.

SATURDAY 23 JUNE 2018 - I had the pleasure of attending a Barn Dance at St Matthews Club, Burntwood.  Although my dancing days are over, I was thoroughly entertained by the dancing dows!


SUNDAY 24 JUNE 2018 - Attended the Samuel Johnson fundraising, Strawberry Tea, which was held in the reception area of the hospital.  I was unofficially there helping as a Trustee, an honour bestowed on me by the committee, and was happy to help out.  Everyone enjoyed a lovely afternoon.


SATURDAY 14 JULY 2018 - I was honoured to open the Hammerwich Hall Care Home Fete & Annual Dog Show. I was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the Manager. The dog show proved very popular and the residents and their families enjoyed the sunshine and activities.


    A juggler showing off his skills


SUNDAY 15 JULY 2018 -  I attended the Civic Service for the Cannock Chase Chairman, hekd at Sr Lukes Church followed by a buffet in the Civic Centre.


SATURDAY 22 JULY 2018 - Attended the Chairman of Lichfield Disctrict Council, Cllr Bob Auty, Civic Service held at St Michaels Church, Greenhill, Lichfield.


SATURDAY 18 AUGUST 2018 - I officially opened tahe Fun Day at Emmanuel Church at Sankey Corner.  Here I am pictured with Pastor Rod Lewis, cutting the ribbon, also some of the volunteers and visitors.  A great day had by all.



AUGUST 2018 - Helped out at the Play in the Parks during August, getting the children to wait in the queue fo the face painting, doing some sticking/colouring.  Weather was glorious, a thoroughly good time had by all!

SATURDAY 09 SEPTEMBER 2019 - Sheriff's Ride Luncheon.  A very wet day for horses and riders but lunch was lovely.


SUNDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 2018 - The World's Smallest Fun Run , Princes Park, Burntwood



THURSDAY 13 SEPTEMBER 2018 - I was asked to officially open the new venue for the TLC Club, who formerly met at Boney Hay Working Men's Club.  The new venue is Emmanual Church on Canock Road, Sankeys Corner.

A loverly lunch, followed by a quiz and a raffle, what a pleasant way to spend the afternoon with some lovely people.  Here I am cutting the ribbon and being the first tinto the building, along with some of its members.



WEDNESDAY 17 OCTOBER 2018 - I attended the Burntwood Breast Care Groups' Big Breakfast Event at the library.  Won a couple of nice raffle prizes, and the breakfast was very nice too!

SUNDAY 11 NOVEMBER 2018 -  Wreath laying at St Johns Church to Commemorate Armistace Day.  A very touching service for 100 years since 1st World War ended.

MONDAY 12 NOVEMBER 2018 - I attended the Burntwood Heritage Group's open evening, looking at servicemen's personel details from 1st World War.  We have their names inscribed forever on our monuments around Burntwood, but this event brought those people to life once more, in our memories.  Very humbling, well done to everyone who contributed.

SATURDAY 17 NOVEMBER 2018 - I went to Lichfield Festival of Music Concert at Lichfield Methodist Church.  There are some very talented youngsters about, but the lighlight was a 5 year old girl playing the harp, she brought tears to my eyes, a thoroughly enjoyable evening.                                                                        

SUNDAY 25 NOVEMBER 2018 - I had the pleasure of switching on the Christmas Lights at Burntwood Island.  Pictured here with David Henderson, the President of Burntwood Rotary Club, Santa turned up to the delight the children.

MONDAY 26 NOVEMBER 2018 - I switched on the Christmas lights at Boney Hay.  Pictured here with Events Chairman Councillor Heather Tranter.

WEDNESDAY 28 NOVEMBER 2018 - Lights switch on at Chasetown, where many people braved the weather, including us, to put on some free mince pies and refreshements.  Pictured with Councillor Heather Tranter.


THURSDAY 29 NOVEMBER 2018 - Cannock Cultural Education Partnership Tea Party at Pye Green Community Centre.  Wonderful company and yummy cakes made a lovely afternoon.


FRIDAY 30 NOVEMBER 2018  - Seated Furniture, I officially opened the new office at the Old Mining College Centre, Queens Street, Chasetown

FRIDAY 30 NOVEMBER 2018  - It was a real pleasure to recieve a Certificate for Burntwood Town Council from Ian Dunston, on behalf of Cannock Chase 1st Responders.  A thoroughly enjoyable evening.



SATURDAY 1 DECEMBER 2018 - Preperations for Santa's Grotto in Burntwood Library at the Christmas Festival.  I sewed my fingers sore making all the cone covers and bunting.  Here is Paul from the Library giving it one last check.  A fabulous few hours of free family entertainment was had by all who came.

FRIDAY 5 DECEMBER 2018 - I attended Burntwood Live at Home Christmas Carol service at Christ Church in Burntwood.  The staff were fabulous, entertaining everyone who came.


FRIDAY 7 DECEMBER 2018 - I attended Burntwood 1st Scouts Carol Concert at Burntwood Memorial Institute, I was accompanied by Cllr Margaret Conolly.

SUNDAY 9 DECEMBER 2018 - My Civic/Carol service was a lovely afternoon with so many people I have met as Chairman.  The officers at Burntwood Town Council did me proud with the catering, so I'd like to say a thank you for all your hard work.

FRIDAY 14 DECEMBER 2018 - I attended the 'We love Lichfield Christmas Givaway' held at the George Hotel, Lichfield.  What a lovely surprise to have Debbie McGee present the last cheque.  Here, the group photograph and one with Keith, myself and Debbie.


FRIDAY 14 DECEMBER 2018 - Burntwood Breast Care held their Christmas party at the Grangmoor WMC.  It was a pleasure to attend and win a couple of raffle prizes.

TUESDAY 18 DECEMBER 2018 - I attended the Cannock Chase District Council Chairman's Christmas Carol Service which was held at St Saviour's Church, Hatherton.


It really doesn’t seem a year since I wrote my last Christmas message. Time is so precious and unfortunately, most of us rush through life without seeing the beauty and the good that is all around us.

Spending time with some very special people this year, who give up their time without praise or reward, just to make the lives of others more rewarding, is truly humbling. Keep up the good work all you unsung heroes, the volunteers here in Burntwood.

I selected two such groups as my chosen Charities this year.

1) Burntwood First Responders, who are raising funds for a new vehicle to replace their old, well-worn one.

2) TLC who meet every Thursday at Emmanuel Church, Cannock Road, Chase Terrace. The club welcomes everyone from all walks of life, any age, who would like to meet people and make new friends. The club strives to provide a hot meal to everyone, and provide a much needed lifeline to elderly, lonely and folk who just needs company.

My fund-raising event, to be held at St Matthews Club, Burntwood, is in 23rd February 2019, being entertained by Karnabee Street, a 60’s tribute band. If anyone would like tickets to support my Charities, they are available from Burntwood Town Council Offices.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has made both myself and my Consort, Keith, welcome across the Town. It has been a pleasure, privilege and an honour to represent Burntwood at Civic Events outside of Burntwood.

I take this opportunity to wish one and all a Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful 2019, from myself, elected Members and Officers of Burntwood Town Council.


WEDNESDAY 23 JANUARY 2019- I attended the official launch of Friends of Burntwood Library, pictured here with Pat Chambers, Susan Williams and Sheila Ward.


FRIDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2019 - Grant Aid presentation evening at Burntwood Memorial Institute.  It gave me the greatest of pleasure to present cheques to all the hardworking, worthy causes in this town.  A very pleasant evening.


FRIDAY 1 FEBRUARY 2019 - I took my little granddaughter, Lexi-Mae, to the annual pantomime held at Burntwood Memorial Institute and perfomed by Burntwood Brigades.  This year it was Dick Whittington, and the bloopers on stage made the pantomime so much funnier.  Well done everyone.


WEDNESDAY 20 FEBRUARY 2019 - We had the pleasure of attending Burntwood Breast Care's launch of their new meeting place, Burntwood Memorial Hall.  The Town Crier, Ken Knowles stated the procedures off with 3 rings and 'Oyes'z@.  Very load in an enclosed space.

This group is especiallu close to my heart and was one of my Charities last year.  It was Keith's birthday and they spoilt him with a candle on a slice of cake.  A wonderful morning had by all.



SATURDAY 23 FEBRUARY 2019 - I held my charity evening at St Matthews Sports & Social club, the night started and ended with a disco and the live band 'Karnabee Street'  played the great sound of the 60's, during the evening a raffle was held to raise money for my 2 chosen charities, Community First Responders and TLC Club.  A truly enjoyable evening was had by everyone.  I would like to thank eveyone for their support.


SATURDAY 1 MARCH 2019 - I was invited to Burntwood In-Sight Groups 6th Birthday Celebrations, held at Chasetown Methodist Church.  Several other groups who provided equipment for partially sighted and blind peiple were there to promote their goods.

Bacon sandwiches and endless cups of tea was followed by blowing out the candles.  What a lovely way to spend a Satruday morning.





SATURDAY 1 MARCH 2019 - I attended, with Keith, the Free Spirit Dinner/Dance held at The Old School House, Weeford.  With the end in sight for this wonderful Bronze statue to be situated at the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas, it was a pleasure to support it.

SUNDAY 3 MARCH 2019 - My consort and myself attended St Joseph's Church, Burntwood, to celebrate the investiture of Mr Noel Sweeney, who was given the honour of the Papal Knighthood Order of St Gregory, for his outstanding charity work.  Following Mass, a lovely 3-course meal was provided for 400 guests.  A long, but very rewarding day.  I'd like to thank Dave King for looking after us both.

Pictured here L-R, Dave King, The Archbishop of Birmingham, the most Reverend Bernard Longley who presented the award, along with Keith and myself.

FRIDAY 8 MARCH 2019 - I attended the U3A open afternoon at Chasetown Methodist Church, accompanied by Cllr Heather Tranter.   There are so many interesting groups within U3A that I was unaware of!

SATURDAY 9 MARCH 2019 - I had the pleasure of attending The Morley Road Co-op store to promote their Fairtrade goods.  Some of the staff made cakes to purchase, with all the proceeds going to charities.

SATURDAY 13 MARCH 2019 - I attended Burntwood Singers Concert at Burntwood Memorial Hall.  It is always a pleasure to listern to these lovely voices perform.  Cllr Norma Bacon accompanied me.

SATURDAY 17 MARCH 2019 - Accompanied by Cllr Heather Tranter we attended Garrick Theatre to see Getin2it Annual Dance Festival.  A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

I was invited by Burntwood Breast Care to attend their meeting, my Consort Keith attended with me.  A lovely talk by Soroptimist Dishi Atwood followed by tea & cake.

SATURDAY 20 APRIL 2019 -  Chase View Nursing Home had an Easter Fete, where I won several lovely prizes.  In the afternoon, both myself and my Consort Keith, were asked to judge the Easter Bonnets.   A singer entertained everyone on a sunny afternoon.

SATURDAY 20 APRIL 2019 -  The official opening of the new shop 'Kean Styles' which I was asked to cut the ribbon, was opened at its new premises at the old HSBC Bank at Sankey Corner.


SUNDAY 21 APRIL 2019 - I attended the Mayoral Easter Service at Lichfield Cathedral,  accompanied by my Concert, Keith.

SUNDAY 5 MAY 2019 - Afternoon tea was organised to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported myself and Keith in this last year of my term, helping with fundraising for my charities and making us most welcome.







Councillor Pamela Stokes was elected Chairman of the Town Council on 18 May 2017.

Councillor Richard Bamborough was elected Vice-Chairman of the Town Council at the same meeting. 

Councillor Mrs Stokes's nominated charities during her Year in Office are: Burntwood Breast Care, Burntwood In-Sight Group and St Giles Hospice


Here I am (again) taking on the role of Chariman of Burntwood Town Council.  I look forward to another fabulous year meeting all the wonderful volunteers who run the charitable groups within the town.

Thursday 18 May 2017 - Councillor Pam Stokes was sworn in as Chair and Councillor Richard Bamborough as Vice-Chair of Burntwood Town Council at the Annual Meeting held on 18 May.

Sunday 21 May 2017 - I attended the Mayoral Service at the Guildhall in Lichfield.  I am pictured here with my Husband and Consort, Cllr Keith Stokes , and the Town Crier, Ken Knowles

Sunday 28 May 2017 -  I  attended the Bower Service  at St Michael's Church, Lichfield.  Pictured here with the new Mayor and her Consort, are myself and my Consort.

Monday 29 May - I attended the Court of Array in the Guildhall, Lichfield.



Wednesday 5th June - Myself and Keith had the pleasure of opening the new garden play area at Busy Bees Nursery, St Matthews.

All the children, from 6 months to pre-school, thoroughly enjoyed the many activities on offer.  I'm sure the gardens and specially created play areas will be used every single day, weather permitting.


Friday 16 June 2017 - I was honoured to attend the 'We Love Lichfield Summer Giveaway', held at the George Hotel in Lichfield.  It is wonderful that the payouts went to so many good causes across the District, including Burntwood.


Wednesday 21 June 2017 - I had the greatest of pleasure to attend the Burntwood Breast Care meeting held at Burntwood Library.  Lichfield's Town Crier, Ken Knowles, gave an amusing talk, and everyone gave us a fabulous warm welcome.  Burntwood Breast Care is one of my designated charities.

Sunday 25 June 2017 - I had the pleasure of attending the Civic Service of Lichfield District Council's Chairman, Cllr Mark Warfield, at St Michaels Church, Lichfield.

Saturday 1 July 2017 - Burntwood Wakes Festival at Burntwood Leisure Centre.  I met some lovely people, friends old and new.  A very successful, free family day!

Saturday 1st July - Here I am amongst athe fabulous Burntwood Singers, at a concert held at Burntwood Memorial Community Association (or the Staute, as we fondly call it).  It is always a pleasure to hear this lovely group of singers.

Wednesday 5th July - Opening of newly refurbished gardens at Busy Bees Nursery, St Matthews, Burntwood.

Myself and Keith were given a warm welcome and  a tour of the gardens.  Tea and cake are always an added bonus, enjoyed in the sunshine of the fabulous new garden!

Friday 28th July - Returned to St Matthews Busy Bees for their fundraising 'Toddle Waddle' for the charity Meningitis Now.

It was lovely to meet Steve Dayman, who founded the trust 35 years ago, after losing his young son to this awful disease.


Saturday 29th July - Keith and I attended the Mayor at Home, held at the Guildhall, Lichfield.  We met some lovely people, and had a catch-up with old friends!

Saturday 29th July - We attended Hammerwich Hall Nursing Home's Summer Fete after rushing back from Lichfield.  A very sunny afternoon in good company, and winning a couple of bottles on the raffle - Bonus!


August - During the month of August, I attended several of the Play in the Parks, in Burntwood.  The events were well attended, and it was just lovely to see so many happy families enjoying themselves!

It was a pleasure to recieve Police Commission, Matthew Wllis's sponsorship cheque at Redwood Park.

Saturday 26th August - Charity evening 60's/70's Disco/Karaoke at the Grangemoor WMC

Pictured here with Burntwood Breast Care Ladies, who made the Night rock, and me, picured with my Daughter Carrie and Niece Kelly.

Over £400 was reaised on the night, thanks to everyone's kind generosity, having over 25 bottles for the raffle!


Friday 8th September - Burntwood in Bloom Presentation held at Burntwood Memorial Hall.  These gardeners just blew me away with their gardens, troughs & hanging baskets,  puts mine to shame!  Pictured here with Burntwood Library entrants.

Saturday 9th September - I attended the Sheriff of Lichfield's Ride, watching the start from the Guildhall, then off to the luncheon at Freefrord Park.  Pictured here with one of the riders, Paul Farugia and his handsome mount.

Sunday 17 September - I attended the Norton Canes Civic Service, held at St James Church, Norton Canes.



Wednesday 27 September - Cruse AGM held at Guildhall in Lichfield


Friday 13 October - Proud to be at the Pathway Patrons Launch at The George Hotel - fantastic cause.


Wednesday 18 October - Burntwood Breast Care 8th Birthday Celebrations at Burntwood Library. Here I am picutred with Pauline Walker

Saturday 11 November - Free Spirit Horse Memorial Dinner & Dance held at The Old School House.

Sunday 12 November - Remembrance Sunday,  Laying of Wreath at Cenotaph St Johns Community Church.


Saturday 18 November - Lichfield Festival of Music, Lichfield Methodist Church, Tamworth Street, Lichfield.


Friday 24 November - Grant Aid Presentation Evening, Burntwood Memorial Institute, Rugeley Road, Burntwood.

Saturday 25 November - LCC Mayor & Sheriff's Charity Masquerade Ball at The Guildhall, Bore Street, Lichfield.


Sunday 26 November - 2.30pm Christmas Tea, Friends of Samuel Johnson Community Hospital 


Sunday 26 November - 4.45pm The Tree of Light Switch on at Swan Island

Tuesday 28 November - Christmas Festival - Bells Lane, Boney Hay.



Thursday 30 November - Christmas Festival - High Street, Chasetown


Friday 1 December - We Love Lichfield Christmas Giveaway

Saturday 2 December - Christmas Festival - Sankeys Corner.


Christmas Competition Winners -


Wednesday 6 December - Burntwood Live at Home held their Christmas Concert at St Joseoph's RC Church, Cannock Road, Burntwood, what an enjoyable afternoon. Here I am pictured with the dedicated staff team, pictured left-right, Kim Pritchard, Myself, Caroline Roberts (Manager), Carole Broughton, Sue Oldacre, Gina Harris and Donna Kertland.

Sunday 17 December - Chairmans Combine Civic/Carol Service held at St John's Community Church, High Street, Chase Terrace.  What a meaningful and enjoyable occasion had by all.  A big thank you to Matt Wallace and all at  St John's Community Church for holding a truly joyous combined Civic/Carol Service.


Chairman’s Christmas Message 

Burntwood is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. I am very proud to be Chairman again, to represent the town, and help with fundraising for so many of the groups and charities, that do such an amazing job. My chosen charities this year are Burntwood Breast Care, Burntwood In-Sight Group and St Giles Hospice. A fundraising event at St Matthews Club, Burntwood will be on February 17th, with the Beatles tribute band 'The Beatless'. Tickets are on sale from Burntwood Town Council Offices at The Old Mining College Centre in Chasetown.

The Council are working hard to get health care provisions in place for our growing population, and are passionate about protecting our green belt. 

We have provided community events such as the Wakes Festival, Play in the Parks, Christmas Festival incorporating the Christmas Tree Lights switch-on at Boney Hay and Chasetown, and hope to continue these growing events next year.

In this current climate of tragedies and evil deeds happening here and abroad, it makes us realise just how fragile life can be. So spare a thought for those less fortunate, when we're tucking into our Christmas dinner and enjoying time with family and friends. There are some who won't have that pleasure.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Peaceful Christmas, and a Healthy and Prosperous 2018, from the Elected Members and Officers of Burntwood Town Council 


Thursday 18 January 2018 - The Chairman was delighted to present the winners of the Stephen Sutton Bursary Award, Sian Ellen Hubbard and Laura Burley, with a commemorative certificate and cheque for £1,000 each at a meeting of Burntwood Town Council.




Friday 26 January 2018 - Lichfield City Council Skittles night held at Guildhall, pictured left to right, Ken Knowles, Town Crier - Sallyanne Smith, Sherriff's Lady - Myself, Janice Greaves, Mayor - Cllr Stokes, My Consort - Andy Smith, Sheriff and Keith Greaves, Mayor's Consort,


Thursday 01 February 2018 - I was delighted to formally open the new Screwfix store which is situated on the Burntwood Business Park.  Here I am pictured cutting  the tape along with Keith and the Screwfix staff.

Saturday 17 February 2018 - The night I held my charity evening at St Matthews Sport & Social, live music was played by the local band The Beatless, what a great band they are, a raffle was held during the evening to raise money for my 3 chosen charities, Burntwood Breast Care, Burntwood In-Sight and St Giles Hospice.  A truly enjoyable night was had by everyone.  Here I am pictured with the foursome.

Thursday 22 March - Attending Gartmore Riding Stables in Hammerwich, watching pupils from Chasetown Community School going through their paces. (Pictures to follow at a later date at a presentation at their school).  Pictured here with member of the stables, presenting them with their rosettes. With one of the many stable's magnificent horses.


Sunday 01 April - Pictured with l-r Chairman of Lichfield District Council, Mark Warfield & his Lady, Lesley. My Consort Keith & myself.  The Mayor of Lichfield Consort Keith, Mayor Janice Greaves. Sheriff of Lichfield, Andy Smith, his Lady Sallyanne.  Guildhall Chief Standard Bearer.  Deputy Sheriff, David Leytham & Town Crier Ken Knowles.

Friday 13 April 2018 - Pathways held their second Pathways Patrons event at the George Hotel in Lichfield and Keith and I have a very enjoyable afternoon.

Saturday 21 April 2018 - What a busy day this was, we attended Spring View Care Home's Spring Fare at 2pm, following this we attended Afternoon Tea at Hammerwich Hall Care Home, busy day but very enjoyable.

Tuesday 24 April 2018 - St George's Court at the Guildhall.



Thursday 17 May 2018 - Councillor Mrs Stokes presented cheques to her chosen charities, Burntwood Breastcare, Burntwood In-Sight and St Giles Hospice.  Each charity recieved a cheque for £968.88








Councillor Beth Fisher was elected Chairman of the Town Council on 18 May 2016.

Councillor Pamela Stokes was elected Vice-Chairman of the Town Council at the same meeting.

Councillor Miss Fisher's nominated charities during her Year of Office are: 1st Burntwood Scout Group and We Love Burntwood.


Councillor Miss Fisher hopes being chairman will encourage more young people to get involved in local politics and be part of the decision making process where they live.

Sunday 05 June 2016 - The Chairman together with her consort, Councillor Ms Brettell, attended Lichfield District Council's Civic Service at Lichfield Cathedral.

Councillor Miss Beth Fisher said "It's such a privilege to represent Burntwood.  The service was lovely and I enjoyed meeting dignitaries from across the region."

Sunday 26 June 2016 - The Chairman attended the Summer Fayre at Bradshaws Farm Shop and Cafe, Ironstone Road.


Councillor Miss Beth Fisher said "I was delighted to attend the Summer Fayre which was the first time this event had been held at Bradshaws and it is hoped that Bradshaws will run a Christmas event in December".

Saturday 02 July 2016 - The Chairman attended the official opening of the Parkour Park, Cherry Close.

Dignitaries, councillors, around 50 young people, parents and local residents came to the launch of Burntwood's new parkour park on Saturday 02 July 2016.

Pictured is the Chairman of Burntwood Town Council, Councillor Beth Fisher who was joined by Lichfield District Council's Chairman, Councillor David Salter and the Chairman of Cherry Orchard Gardening Services (COGS), Terry Finn, cutting the ribbon on the district's first parkour facility.
Saturday 16 July 2016 - The Chairman together with her consort, Councillor Mrs Rigby attended the Lichfield City Council's Mayor At Home High Tea.
Saturday 16 July 2016 - The Chairman attended the Push Kart Derby at Sankey's Corner, Burntwood
Councillor Miss Beth Fisher said "I was delighted to attend the Push Kart Derby event.  It is good to see great events happening right here in Burntwood which brings the community together."
Saturday 23 July 2016 - The Chairman attended the Burntwood Wakes Festival.

Councillor Miss Fisher said "It was a lovely summer’s afternoon and it was wonderful to see a good turnout for this year’s Wakes Festival.  I had the privilege of judging the scarecrow competition.  An enjoyable day was had by all who attended."

Saturday 10 September 2016 - The Chairman attended the Sheriff's Ride in Lichfield.  Equestrians braved heavy rain to support the Sheriff of Lichfield, Councillor Rob Yardley, in the annual Sheriff's Ride.  A boundary marking custom, the Sheriff's Ride has been a traditional fixture in Lichfield's calendar since the 16th century when the town was given a charter with the right to appoint its own Sheriff.  The event is a 16 mile tour around the edge of the city via bridleways, private land and roads complete with welcome refreshment breaks along the way.  The Sheriff and other participants gathered outside the Guildhall in Bore Street at 10 am before embarking on the ride around the northern side of the city.


Sunday 18 September 2016 - The Chairman attended Norton Canes Parish Council's Civic Service.

Sunday 27 November 2016 - The Chairman performed the official switching on of the Christmas Lights at Swan Island, Burntwood.

Saturday 03 December 2016 - The Chairman performed the official switching on of the Christmas Lights at the Burntwood Christmas Festival at Sankey's Corner.


Sunday 11 December 2016 - Chairman Civic Carol Service at St Anne's Church.  Councillor Beth Fisher said "I would like to thank everyone who attended and took part in my Civic Carol Service especially the readers and the musical contributions from 1st Burntwood Scouts and New Creation. It was a great way to start the festive season".


Chairman’s Christmas Message

I am very proud to be the youngest Chairman of Burntwood Town Council and since May I have had the good fortune to meet lots of great people in my role not just in Burntwood but also when I've represented the town in the wider district.

Christmas is a time when we should all try to think of people who are not as fortunate as we are and for people who are ill or have been bereaved this year.

We lead such busy lives but Christmas is a good time for reflection and to count our blessings.

Like a lot of families in Burntwood we have a member of our family who works in the emergency services and our thoughts and thanks should go to these people who work over the festive period while the rest of us have fun.

Burntwood is growing with new houses being built and your Council will continue to strive to bring much needed shops and the health care facilities it needs and deserves. 

On behalf of all the Members and staff at Burntwood Town Council I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thursday 26 January 2017 - The Chairman together with Jane Sutton presented the Bursary Awards in memory of Jane's son Stephen at a meeting of Burntwood Town Council on 26th January. The winners, Freya Houghton and Morgan Thomas each received a cheque for £1,000 and a commemorative certificate.

Saturday 04 February 2017 - The Chairman performed the official opening of Open House Estate Agents in High Street, Chasetown.

Saturday 04 February 2017 - Chairman's Charity Evening

St Matthews Social Club in Burntwood recently hosted a charity night for Councillor Beth Fisher, Chairman of Burntwood Town Council.

200 people enjoyed performances from two local bands, 'Blast Off' a community band based in Lichfield and led by Nick Dewhurst and 'Gan Teideal' a traditional Irish band from Chasetown led by Yvonne Griffin.  Over £1,100 was raised on the night which will benefit Beth's charities for the year, 1st Burntwood Scouts and We Love Burntwood.

Beth, who performs with both bands, said "It was wonderful to see so many people come and support my musical evening. It was hard work but I enjoyed every minute and everyone seemed to have a good time. I'd like to thank everybody who helped make the evening a success"





Councillor Pamela Stokes was elected Chairman of the Town Council on 20 May 2015.

Councillor Beth Fisher was elected Vice-Chairman of the Town Council at the same meeting. 

Councillor Mrs Stokes's nominated charities during her Year in Office are: Teenage Cancer Trust - Stephen's Story and St Giles Hospice

Councillor Pamela Stokes

A Town Councillor since 2011, Councillor Mrs Stokes said "I am delighted to have been asked to serve as Chairman of Burntwood Town Council and I look forward to representing our wonderful town in the coming year, and raising money for my charities: Teenage Cancer Trust (Stephen's Story) and St Giles Hospice."

Sunday 24 May - Chairman attended the Lichfield Greenhill Bower Service.

Monday 25 May - Chairman attended the Court of Arraye at the Guildhall, Lichfield.

Councillor Pamela Stokes at the Bower

Councillor Mrs Stokes said "I didn't know what to expect with this, being my 1st visit to the Court of Arraye.  It started off very formally, but within 5 minutes of proceedings, the whole of the audience were in peels of laughter!  I didn't realise that the 'dozeners' were accomplished comedians!  I laughed until I cried, they were so funny!  It was a lovely sunny day for the procession and the Bower, and I was amazed at the work that had gone into the floats.  The Bower Queen and her entourage all looked amazing!  I had a lovely time, and I am now looking forward to the rest of my year in office."

Tuesday 02 June - Chairman attended the Friends of Samuel Johnson Community Hospital.

Councillor Mrs Stokes said "I was given a warm welcome by the committee, and they welcomed my input!  They are a very enthuisastic bunch and I look forward to working closely with everyone to raise the much needed funds for things that aren't covered by NHS funding." 

Councillor Pamela Stokes with Burnty

Councillor Pamela Stokes putting the finishing touches to Burnty in the Town Council's Offices.  Follow Burnty on Twitter @BurntyB

Thursday 11 June - Chairman attended the A Level Art and Photography Exhibition at Chase Terrace Technology College.

Cllr Pamela Stokes CCTC Art 1 Cllr Pamela Stokes CCTC Art 2 Cllr Pamela Stokes CCTC Art 3 Cllr Pamela Stokes CCTC Art 4 Cllr Pamela Stokes CCTC Art 5

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I went to Chase Terrace Technology College, accompanied by my husband Councillor Keith Stokes, to view the A-level Art and Photographic display.  The standard was amazing, and we have many talented artists in Burntwood!"

Saturday 13 June - Chairman attended the Wakes Festival 2015 - SCAMP gets a new plaque.

Picture of Pamela Stokes at Library Scamp 1 Picture of Pamela Stokes at Library Scamp 2 Picture of Pamela Stokes at Library Scamp 3 Councillor Pamela Stokes at Library Scamp 4

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "My 1st official role in Burntwood! Despite the awful weather, it was wonderful to see a good turnout.  I suppose I should get used to having many photos being taken (but just get my good side, please!)  I am really looking forward to the many things going on around Burntwood, and seeing our residents getting involved!  I won a gorgeous teddy bear on a raffle as a bonus to a lovely day!" 

Friday 19 June - Chairman attended Hammerwich Hall Residential and Nursing Home Garden Party.

Hammerwich Garden Party   Hammerwich Garden Party  Hammerwich Garden Party  Hammerwich Garden Party  Hammerwich Garden Party    Hammerwich Garden Party     

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "It was a lovely summers afternoon, and I was given the warmest of welcomes by Kerry Cattell, who gave me a guided tour of the home.   Some of the residents joined us on the lawns for a gardening display, and quiz. I came equal first and after several tiebreaker questions, I won a beautiful planter full of plants. Keith put an offer in for a hanging basket that went unchallenged,  so when a gentleman later asked if planter was for sale, my Husband offered to give it him for a donation to the home. The gentleman gave £20, and as everything was provided by COGS/B & M, the donation was all profit!  For sale on the day were plants and punnets of strawberries, of which I had a few!  We were then given the choice of the most delicious buffet I have ever tasted! The cakes did my waistline no favours!  Myself and other invited guests were then presented with beautiful floral arrangements! During the afternoon, I chatted with some of the residents who loved having their pictures taken with their relatives.  Other invited guests were Staffordshire County Council Chairman, Councillor Janet Eagland, Lichfield District Council Vice Chairman Councillor David Salter and his partner Pam, and Maureen Humphreys.  I think everyone of us had a great afternoon, and special thanks to Kerry and all her staff, who made it so memorable!"

Sunday 21 June - Chairman attended Lichfield District Council Chairman's Civic Service at Lichfield Cathedral.


Wednesday 24 June - Chairman and Burnty the Baby Elephant doing some community engagement.


Saturday 27 June - Chairman together with the Leader of Burntwood Town Council, Councillor Richard Mosson and Deputy Leader of Burntwood Town Council, Councillor Heather Tranter at Burntwood Park after the installation of a new slide, on a glorious sunny afternoon.

Saturday 27 June - Chairman attended the Burntwood Singers 50th Anniversary Concert.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I was graciously invited to attend the concert.  My daughter, Carrie, accompanied me.  I was given a warm welcome by everyone, and although it was not very well attended, the singers were on top form!"  

Sunday 28 June - Chairman attended the Samual Johnson Community Hospital League of Friends Strawberry Tea.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "Friends of Samuel Johnson invited me to attend their Strawberry Tea.  My daughter, Carrie had baked a chocolate fudge cake to go with the rest of the delicious offerings!  I was accompanied by my husband, Councillor Keith Stokes and was warmly welcomed.  We enjoyed far too many cakes and met so many lovely people.  After many attempts, I finally managed to win a tombola prize!".

Tuesday 30 June - Chairman attended the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of Burntwood Live at Home held at Chasetown Methodist Church.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "Another lovely afternoon with a lovely buffet, and dancing by some of the group".

Wednesday 01 July - Chairman attended the Lichfield Mercury 200th Anniversary at St Mary's Church, Lichfield.


Friday 03 July - Chairman attended the 4 Year Anniversary of Cherry Orchard Gardening Services at Burntwood Memorial Institute, Rugeley Road, Burntwood.


Saturday 04 July - Chairman the Burntwood Got Talent Show at Chasetown Football Club.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "Had a wonderful afternoon watching some amazing young people.  Yes, Burntwood definitely has got talent."

Sunday 05 July - Chairman attended Cannock Chase Council's Civic Service and Reception.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "It was lovely to have met so many new people, and the service and following buffet was amazing.

Wednesday 08 July - Chairman attended the official opening of the Chase Terrace Community Fire Station.


Tuesday 07 July, Wednesday 08 July and Thursday 09 July - Chairman, together with Deputy Leader Councillor Heather Tranter and Councillor Brenda Brettell judging the Burntwood in Bloom competition.

Friday 10 July - Chairman attended the Tug-of-War Competition Draw at Chasetown Football Club.

Saturday 11 July - Chairman attended the Tug-of-War Competition at Chasetown Football Club.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "Another warm, sunny afternoon to watch all the teams in the Tug-of-War competition.  Lots of people turned out to watch a most enjoyable afternoon of huffing and puffing."

Tuesday 14 July 2015 - Chairman attended the AGM of the South Staffordshire Cruse Bereavement Care in Lichfield

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I was given a warm welcome, and met some lovely people."

Friday 17 July 2015 - Chairman attended the Prince's Trust xl Presentation at Chase Terrace Community Fire Station.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "It was lovely to meet these young people who have turned their lives around, and the fabulous work that the Trust does to help youngsters develop skills and confidence.  A very well done to all concerned."

Friday 17 July 2015 - Chairman attended the Licensing of The Reverend Matt Wallace at St John's Community Church

Saturday 18 July 2015 - Chairman attended the Burntwood Lions Club - presentation of the automated external defibrillator at Chasetown Methodist Church. 


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "Michael Fabricant MP joined us for this event and willingly volunteered to practice on resuci-Annie.  He certainly entertained us with his usual humorous banter.  A lovely buffet followed the presentation".

Sunday 19 July 2015 - Chairman attended the Power Boat GP competition at Chasetown.


Sunday 19 July 2015 - Chairman attended the Emmanuel Church, Chase Terrace.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "A lovely couple of hours spent on a Sunday evening, with a family atmosphere.  Pastor Rod Lewis was very welcoming, as usual".

Monday 20 July 2015 - Chairman attended the COGS Scarecrow Competition Judging Panel.


Thursday 23 July 2015 - Chairman attended a carers meeting at Smalley Court, Henley Close, Burntwood.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "What a lovely bunch of people.  And cake ...... must mention the yummy cake".

Friday 24 July 2015 - Chairman presenting certificates at the COGS Scarecrow Competition.


Saturday 08 August 2015 - Chairman attended the Go-Kart Darby at Sankeys Corner.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "We had some great entries into our first ever push kart darby at Burntwood Town Shopping Centre.  The sun shone, and families turned up by the dozens.  All in all, a brilliant day".

Sunday 09 August 2015 - Chairman attended the nostalgic film of the Wakes gone by at Burntwood Leisure Centre.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I went to the Sports Hall at Burntwood Leisure Centre to see the nostalgic film of Wakes gone by, commissioned by Peter Walker.  It was so lovely to see so many old film clippings and photos, especially when I saw myself on the screen as a teenager.  Here I am pictured with a local dance group who put on a display."

Friday 14 August 2015 - Chairman attended the official opening of the Tea Room at Hammerwich Hall Residential and Nursing Home.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I was invited by the lovely Kerry Cattell to officially open the new tea room.  As the pictures show, a wonderful buffet was provided and look forward to attending again (if only for the scrumptious cakes).  A lovely afternoon spent with wonderful people."

Friday 14 August 2015 - Chairman attended the private showing of artist Peter Walker's work at Lichfield Cathedral.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I was invited to Lichfield Cathedral for a private showing of artist Peter Walker's work.  It really was amazing and would recommend having a look".


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "The finale of five weeks of Play in the Parks ended at Redwood Park.  After heavy overnight rain, the weather was very kind to us and the damp grass didn't dampen anyones enthusiasm.  Attended by over 250, the free burgers and hot dogs were a great success.  Credit must go to Councillor Heather Tranter who cooked up this scheme (as well as cooking the sausages and burgers) and special thanks to Gemma Davis, Mr Steve Lightfoot, Beacon Church personnel for their help and support ....... in fact everybody who helped.  A great time was had by all".

Tuesday 01 September 2015 - The Chairman and Councillor Mosson, Leader of the Council signing the lease for the Old Mining College.

Tuesday 01 September and Wednesday 02 September 2015 - Chairman attended the Slimming World Group "Woman of the Year 2015".


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I was asked to present the Slimming World Woman of the Year 2015, at Maria Steed's groups.  So here are the fabulous ladies pictured with myself and Maria Steed (Consultant)". 

Saturday 06 September 2015 - Chairman attended the Sheriff's Ride in Lichfield.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I attended the Sheriff's Ride in Lichfield.  The horses and riders looked magnificent and it was so nice to see so many taking part".

Monday 07 September - Chairman attended the Spark launch event.


Sunday 13 September - Chairman attended the Thanksgiving Service at St Anne's Church, Chasetown.  The Chairman is pictured with the Rt Reverend Clive Gregory, Bishop of Wolverhampton and Reverend David Brook.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "Attended St Anne's Church service to commemorate 150 years and a new roof.  A lovely service followed by a tasty  buffet lunch".

Sunday 13 September - Chairman attended the Civic Service at Norton Canes.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "Attended my second church service today, it was nice to meet the new Chairman of Norton Canes Parish Council, Councillor John Preece.  Another pleasant service followed by another tasty buffet".

Friday 18 September - Chairman attended the Burntwood in Bloom Competition Presentation Evening.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "We have many talented, green-fingered gardeners here in Burntwood.  Well done to everyone". 

Saturday 19 September - Chairman attended the Commemorating the Birth of Dr Samuel Johnson, Lichfield.


Friday 25 September - Chairman attended the Macmillan Fundraising Event at Chasetown Methodist Church.


Monday 28 September - Chairman attended the Macmillan Fundraising Event at Hammerwich Hall Residential and Nursing Home.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "As always, Kerry and her team made us feel part of the 'family'.  Keith and myself were asked to judge the 'bake-off' which was an extremely difficult thing to do with so many wonderfully yummy cakes.  Some were masterpieces, true works of art.  After sampling all the cakes, a winner was announced.  It was a very close run contest, with only one point between places.  Well done to all the bakers, raffle ticket buyers and donators.  Over £200 raised on the morning.

Friday 02 October - Chairman attended the Embroidery for Burntwood Community Queens Award Night.


Monday 05 October  - Chairman attended the installation of a defibrillator at Grangemoor Working Mens Club.

Saturday 10 October - Chairman attended the FA Cup draw at Chasetown Football Club.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I attended the Scholar's Ground on Church Road to see our team Chasetown FC play Stalybridge Celtic in the FA Cup.  Stalybridge are ranked quite a lot higher than Chasetown, so I was pleased with a 1-1 draw.  Our lads showed a lot of spirit, and there was a great atmosphere at the ground.  I'd like to congratulate James Dance on his goal and thank our visitors, Stalybridge Celtic for coming to Chasetown and giving a good game."

Saturday 17 October - Chairman attended the Blue Birds Reunion.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I was privileged and proud to attend the reunion of the Blue Birds, especially as Mr and Mrs Bluebird aka Ron and Margaret are my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  What a fabulous night seeing old friendships renewed.  Ron had kept one of every uniform Margaret had made, along with the helmets made by him.  Highlight of the evening was releasing 100+ balloons in memory of Margaret".

Tuesday 03 November - Chairman attended the CAB - Annual General Meeting in Lichfield.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I attended the AGM of the Citizens Advice Bureau, accompanied by Mrs Maureen Humphreys, who kindly stepped in as my plus one".

Thursday 05 November - Chairman attended the Licensing and Installation of the new Vicar at St Anne's Church, Chasetown.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I attended the Licensing and Installation of the new Vicar of St Anne's Church, Richard Andrew Westwood.  Councillor Mrs Helen Fisher stood in for Keith (poorly with flu-like symptoms) as my Consort for the evening.  A lovely service with full house, an enjoyable evening all round".

Friday 13 November - Chairman attended the Lichfield City Council Mayor and Sheriff's Charity Dinner and Dance.


Monday 23 November - Chairman with Councillor Heather Tranter wrapping Christmas presents for our upcoming Christmas Festival on December 5th.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Tuesday 24 November - Chairman attended the Lichfield District Council's Chairman's Festival Flower arranging demonstration and afternoon tea.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I attended the Lichfield Chairman Norma Bacon's fundraising festival of flowers.  Accompanied by Maureen Humphreys, we had a tasty afternoon tea, and winning the freshly made floral table display in the raffle was a bonus".

Saturday 28 November - Chairman attended the switch on of Stephen's Tree at Sankeys Corner.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I attended the switch on of Stephen's Tree at Sankeys Corner.  I am pictured here with Lee Woodward after switching on the lights". 

Sunday 29 November - Chairman attended the Friends of Samuel Johnson Christmas Tea.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "Keith and I attended Samuel Johnson for the fundraising Christmas Tea.  A lovely afternoon spent eating nicies, playing the tombola and enjoying the company of lovely people."

Sunday 29 November - Chairman attended the switch on of the Tree of Light at Burntwood Island.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "Here I am pictured with members of the Round Table, after switching on the lights.  Santa in his mobile grotto was very busy after a large turnout of families".

Friday 04 December - Chairman attended the We Love Lichfield event.


Saturday 05 December - Chairman attended the Christmas Festival in Burntwood.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "What a resounding success our 1st Christmas Festival was.  It was lovely to see the community come together for Free fair rides, santa's presents, face painting, story telling, train rides and so much more.  We had a visit from our MP, Michael Fabricant, who loved the train."

Tuesday 08 December - Chairman attended Burntwood Live at Home Christmas Carol Service at St John's Community Church.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I am pictured here with Burntwood Live at Home Crew and Co-op Travel who chose this charity this year for fundraising.  Had a lovely afternoon, highlighted by staff at Burntwood Live at Home giving their comical rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas.

Wednesday 09 December - Chairman attended the Early Years Xmas Play at Holly Grove Primary School.

Sunday 13 December - Chairman attended the Lantern Parade at Chasetown.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "On a cold and foggy evening, these brave souls walked with their lanterns aglow.  The fog made them look rather eerie!"  

Thursday 17 December - Chairman attended the Burntwood Live at Home Christmas Lunch.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "Myself and my husband/consort Keith were given a warm welcome, and I was privileged to sit by a wonderful 90+ lady named Gwen Hayes (pictured).  She had so many stories to tell about her growing up, we were mesmerised.  Everyone enjoyed a lovely Christmas meal and it was wonderful to meet so many caring people".

Friday 08 January - Chairman attended the Chasetown and District Ladies Darts League presentation night.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I attended the Chasetown and District Ladies Darts League Presentation Night held at the Barns, Cannock and I presented all the ladies with their trophies.  We all enjoyed a fabulous meal, followed by a disco.  The league are looking for more teams, and players for existing teams.  Anyone interested can contact Don Harvey on 01543 673687."


Chairman's Charity Evening featuring The Beatless in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust - Stephen's Story and St Giles Hospice.  Saturday 27 February 2016, St Matthews Sports and Social Club, St Matthews Road, Burntwood commencing 7.30 p.m.  Tickets £8.50 each.


Saturday 05 March - Chairman attended the 3rd Birthday of Burntwood In-Sight Group at Chasetown Methodist Church.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I attended the 3rd Birthday of Burntwood In-Sight Group, at Chasetown Methodist Church.  We were entertained by the lovely Becky, who sang many favourite songs of old, and everyone joined in the signing, including myself.  A lovely buffet and tasy cakes were laid on, and Keith and I had a lovely afternoon.  Pictured above is Becky in action, Carol Trigg and some of the In-Sight Group members."

Sunday 13 March 2016 - Chairman attended the Civic Sunday Lunch for Lichfield District Council at The Old School House, Weeford.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I attended the Civic Luncheon at The Old School House, Weeford on Sunday 13 March.  Councillor Norma Bacon was missing her consort, Councillor Brian Bacon, who has been poorly and was very much missed.  It was so nice to catch up with so many lovely people and the lunch was fabulous".

Monday 14 March 2016 - Chairman attended the flying the flag for the Commonwealth at Sankeys Corner, Burntwood.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I had the pleasure of raising the Commonwealth Flag outside Burntwood Library.  The weather stayed dry for the duration, thank goodness".

Wednesday 30 March 2016 - Chairman attended the Celebration of the Horse at Whittington Medical Centre.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I was privileged to attend Whittington Medical Centre for a fabulous presentation of the Free Spirit Horse Memorial, "Celebration of the Horse.  The Charity are raising money for a memorial statue to be erected in Alrewas National Arboretum.  The event was very well attended, and the speakers gave mesmerising talks".

Wednesday 20 April 2016 - Welcome to Burntwood signs are installed.

Thursday 21 April 2016 - Presentation of Cheques


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "My Chairman's charities for this year are St Giles Hospice and Teenage Cancer Trust - Stephen Sutton.  The cheques were presented to the fundraisers from both charities this week.  Each charity received £672.71."

Saturday 16 April 2016 - Chairman attended the Mayor and Sheriff of Lichfield's Charity Banquet at the Guildhall, Lichfield.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "Had a great time with some really nice people".

Monday 02 May 2016 - Chairman attended the Smallest Fun Run around Princes Park, Burntwood.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I was privileged to start the Smallest Fun Run around Princes Park, Burntwood.  Over 250+ participants, mens, women, children, babies and dogs did the run around the smallest park.  I even limped around in probably the longest ever recorded time, but it just had to be done.  Wonderful weather for a fabulous turnout."

Friday 06 May 2016  - Chairman attended Staffordshire County Council's Chairman's Charity Dinner.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I attended the Charity Dinner for the Chairman of Staffordshire County Council, County Councillor Janet Eagland.  Keith and myself had a lovely meal, and as it was our first time at the County Council Buildings, we were very impressed by it!".

Sunday 08 May 2016 - Chairman attended the formal opening of the Old Mining College Centre.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "On Sunday 08 May, I opened the Old Mining College Centre, jointly with the Town Council Leader Councillor Richard Mosson as the new home for Burntwood Town Council.  The sun was shining, the company was wonderful and the buffet was second to none.  A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for my last Civic occasion".

Monday 09 May 2016 - Chairman attended the launch of the Good to Live at Open House, Cherry Close.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "On Monday 09 May I was invited to attend the launch of Good to Live at Open House, Cherry Close.  I have not been in that building since my teens, when it was a youth club, and the place to be.  I am looking forward to attending more events in the future as the people who are running it are very enthusiastic and committed."

Tuesday 10 May 2016 - Chairman attended the official opening of the new baby unit at Busy Bees Nursery, Burntwood.


Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I was privileged to be asked to cut the ribbon to officially open the new baby unit at Busy Bees Nursery in Burntwood.  Keith and I were made very welcome.  Having been given a tour, I was very impressed with all the new innovative baby equipment and sensory items."

Friday 13 May 2016 - Chairman attended the presentation of We Love Lichfield Fund at The George Hotel, Lichfield.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "I attended the presentation of We Love Lichfield Fund at The George Hotel, Lichfield.  It was nice to catch up with people I have not seen for a while".

Saturday 14 May 2016 - Chairman attended the Lichfield and Rugeley Performing Arts Concert in Tamworth.

Councillor Pamela Stokes said "My last function as Chairman the Lichfield and Rugeley Performing Arts Concert at Coton Centre in Tamworth.  I had a lovely afternoon listening to young, talented musicians playing their socks off.  Fabulous.  Pictured here with Chairman of Lichfield District Council, Councillor Norma Bacon, consort Brian and myself after the concert".