As part of the Better Burntwood Concept and to promote community engagement, the public now has the opportunity to attend and speak at all of the Town Council's meetings.  [Please see the relevant agenda]. 


30 minutes will be set aside at the beginning of the meeting for you to raise issues relevant to the remit of the meeting but are not already on the agenda.  So that the Members of the meeting can be properly briefed in order to enable them to provide considered response to your question, please advise the Town Clerk of the question[s] you wish to ask the Council at least three working days before the meeting.  The Chairman of the meeting has the right to reject any representations that he/she considers not to be appropriate for the particular meeting.

You will also now have the opportunity to discuss specific items on the agenda as the Chairman now has the discretion to allow you to speak where you have a legitimate interest in the item.  Again, you will need to give three working days’ notice of your wish to speak.  Where more than one person wishes to speak on a particular application the Chairman may decide to limit the number of speakers or ask for a spokesperson to be appointed.

Generally, in respect of both speaking in the public forum and to specific agenda items you will have up to 3 minutes and can raise more than one issue.  However, the Chairman has the option to extend the time allowed to you if they think it is appropriate.

While audio and video recordings of this meeting are entirely legal, as a matter of courtesy to Town Council members who work for this town and this Council on a voluntary basis, we would be grateful if you would let the Clerk or the Chairman know beforehand.


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