Our policies and procedures

(Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities.) Current information only.

Information to be published How the information can  Cost
be obtained
 Policies and procedures for the conduct of     
 council business:    
 Procedural standing orders  Hard Copy Free *1
 Delegated authority in respect of officers  Contained in Standing Orders and Free *1
 Council Minutes
 Code of Conduct  Hard Copy Free *1
 Policy Statements  Hard Copy Free *1
 Policies and procedures for the provision of     
 services and about the employment of staff:    
 Internal policies relating to the delivery of services  Hard Copy Free *1
 Equality and Diversity Policy
 Health & Safety Policy
 Current Vacancies
 Policies and procedures for handling requests for
 Complaints procedures (including those covering
   requests for information and operating the 
   Publication Scheme)
 Information Security Policy
 Records Management policies (records retention,
   destruction and archive)
 Data Protection policies
 Schedule of charges (for the publication of information)


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The new Model Publication Scheme, effective as of 01 January 2009.