Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Steve Norman

People in Burntwood will get the final say on a new Neighbourhood Plan - but coronavirus means a vote will be unlikely to take place until May 2021.  Lichfield District Council has agreed that the document will go forward to a referendum.  Councillor Steve Norman, who began the process in 2013, said "that despite the enforced delay, the move was good news for the town.  We have the coronavrius pandemic which means a referendum - the last stage in the process - is unlikely to be held until May next year when some elections are also due.  It is possible that the referendum could take place earlier, depending on how successful the pandemic is controlled.  The good news is though, that from now on the Neighbourhood Plan will be given significant weight in decision-making".  

09/06/2020 - Lichfield District Council have today published the decision statement on the Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan.  This is now available on their website: along with a "referendum" version of the neighbourhood plan which incorporates the examiners changes that are included within the decision statements.  This will enable Lichfield District Council to move forward the referendum as soon as they can following the lifting of government restrictions on elections/referendums.  It also means that in line with new government planning practice guidance that Lichfield District Council will now be able to attach more weight to the neighbourhood plan when considering planning applications.