Chasetown and Chase Terrace developed much later with the coming of coal mining in the area.  The first pit was sunk by the Marquis of Anglesey in 1849.


St Anne's Church, Church Street, Chasetown

The village of Chasetown, at first known simply as Cannock Chase, developed on either side of an existing road running north across the heath; at first the road was called Rugeley Road, but by 1881 it had become High Street.  Colliery Road, renamed Church Street by 1881, gave access to the mine opened at its west end in 1852.  Three pairs of cottages were built on the north side of Colliery Road circa 1854 and the adjoining Uxbridge Arms existed by 1856.

By 1867 the village was known as Chasetown.  The credit for devising the name is variously given to George Poole, vicar of Burntwood and Elijah Wills, headmaster at Chasetown School.