The Town Council have decided to give local businesses the opportunity to bid to advertise on one or more traffic roundabouts in the Parish of Burntwood.  For further details and information please contact 01543 677166, email: 


  • Island No. 1 [Bridge Cross Road/Sycamore Road] - No Sponsor  
  • Island No. 2 [Morrisons/High Street] - No Sponsor 
  • Island No. 3 [Milestone Way/Cannel Road] - Sponsored by Peppermill Interiors  
  • Island No. 4 [Chasewater Heath Roundabout] - Sponsored by Peppermill Interiors  
  • Island No. 5 [Miners Way junction with Chasewater Heath & Cannock Road] - Sponsored by Chase Accounting 
  • Island No. 6 [Cannock Road/Attwood Road] - No Sponsor   
  • Island No. 7 [Ironstone Road junction with Stables Way] - Sponsored by InLife Design Limited 
  • Island No. 8 [Swan Island] - Sponsored by G E Collis and Sons Limited